Fixed Base Operators/Tenants

What makes Reno-Stead so special is the inspiring spirit that runs through every aspect of the airport operation. The dedicated staff uses good old fashioned person-to-person customer service, combined with the latest aviation technology, to offer the Reno-Stead family of tenants the best aviation experience possible.

Reno-Stead is home to such tenants as Aviation Classics, the Bureau of Land Management and the Nevada Kart Club. Many special events are held year round at Reno-Stead Airport, but none more famous than the National Championship Air Races. High speed, thundering race planes combined with amazing air acrobatics and precision jet teams make for an awe-inspiring spectacle. Click here for more information about this year's National Championship Air Races.

Each September during the Air Races, the Air Traffic Control Tower is a very busy place. The rest of the year, however, the tower is not usually controlled by ATC personnel.

For more information on Reno-Stead’s tenants or flight schools, contact them directly at the following:

Flight Schools

Ace Aviation & Flight School 775-247-4534
Aerobatic Company & Flight School 775-232-4881
High Sierra Aviation 775-677-2359


Aviation Classics, ltd. 775-972-5540


American Air Racing 775-677-4860
Army National Guard 775-972-2700
Bureau of Land Management Air Attack Base 775-972-9201
Kane Klassics 775-677-0590
National Championship Air Races/Reno Air Racing Assoc. 775-972-6663



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