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Phase 2 - Security and Food Court

Mountain House Diner opened April 2012 adjacent to the Ski Sculpture on the first floor.

Mountain House Diner offers local flavors that are prepared right before customer's eyes.  Local beer and wines are also served to help provide a taste of Reno-Tahoe.  Peet's Coffee & Tea remains open.  The Diner and Peet's are now the primary dining options on the first floor while a vastly improved food court is being built on the second floor and the security checkpoint is being constructed in place of the former food court from April 2012 to April 2013.

When complete, the Gateway Project will extend a Lake Tahoe design theme throughout most of the terminal building.  It will combine the two security checkpoints upstairs into one, large, state-of-the-art security checkpoint on the first floor.  The "Checkpoint of the Future" will offer the most advanced security technology in the Western United States.  A majority of the restaurants and stores will be relocated past security to an expanded second floor courtyard area where travelers will enjoy spectacular views, delicious dining and exciting shopping while waiting for flights.