Non-Stop Getaways: Travel Tuesday

Non-Stop Getaways: Travel Tuesday

Non-Stop Getaways contest is over (see our winners here), but there’s still some cool stuff to be had.

Find a great fare on one of our nearly two dozen non-stop getaways destinations from Reno-Tahoe by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. It’s a quick, one page flier (for you flyers, ha, ha) and we do all the hard work. Score! We scour the airlines finding amazing low fares to our non-stop destinations. Share your email address below and start dreaming of your destination. You may find $59 fares to San Diego or $99 fares to New York City. It changes each week and is a great resource.

Traveling in the autumn is considered "off season" and can render some great fares, so if your kids are back in school and you’re already planning for their fall break in October, book now.

Other things to keep in mind when planning air travel this season:

  • It’s generally cheaper to fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays than other days. While this changes a lot during peak travel times like the holidays, shopping about three weeks in advance seems to garner the best fares.
  • Many low-cost carriers charge extra for luggage, dedicated seat assignments and even printing your boarding pass, so be aware of those extra fees if you’re comparing flights and airlines.
  • Acting Fast: when you see a ridiculously low fare, it’s usually one-way so always check the return flight costs, too. And act fast because if you see something amazing, those fares can change within minutes.


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