SAFE Program

To help promote security, RNO has a security education/enforcement program titled “Security Awareness for Everyone program (SAFE)”.   SAFE combines security education in the form of the interactive training that everyone receives at the time of badging, positive reinforcement via the Lurking Louie program, ongoing reminders of responsibilities during inspections of tenant leasehold areas and during random SIDA badge checks on the ramp.   Because failed security can have such a serious impact on everyone’s welfare, there is also a corrective arm to SAFE in order to reprimand those that neglect their security responsibilities.

This corrective element of SAFE seeks to hold every badge holder accountable for abiding by the airport’s security rules.  Offenses are classified by the seriousness of the infraction and number of offenses.  Correspondingly, penalties grow harsher as the offense’s seriousness increases.   The enforcement matrix provides an overview of the offenses and corresponding penalties.

The Aviation Security Coordinator reserves the right to assign penalties to other infractions that may not be listed on the matrix.

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