Fire Department

Operations and Safety

Reno-Tahoe Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF)

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport is committed to ensuring the safety of the airlines, airport businesses and visitors. The RNO Fire Department manages the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF), paramedic, structural, training and inspections at RNO.

Fire fighters respond to the many emergencies that regularly occur on airport property including basic life support, car accidents, pedestrian falls, and other situations that demand immediate medical attention. The RNO Fire Department is equipped to handle any emergency quickly and professionally. RNO fire fighters receive on-going training. All department members are required to keep current with aircraft in service at RNO and attend Emergency Management and Homeland Security courses. Disaster planning and building and aircraft evacuation are regular components of training.

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting


The safety of passengers and aircrew is the department’s number one priority. The Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) program is designed to prepare each member of the department for an aircraft-related accident. The specialized fire trucks used for ARFF are unique and can rapidly deploy large quantities of water and firefighting agents such as foam and dry chemicals to combat an aircraft fire.