Save the Ramp: Ramp Removal Concerns

Save the Ramp

Ramp Removal Concerns

I580 Road Plan Impacts RNO
A properly improved I580 Spaghetti Bowl benefits everyone. However, the current NDOT plan negatively affects the airport, which impacts tourism and business communities. NDOT wants to remove the “flyover ramp” entrance and exit that provides fast, efficient unfettered freeway access from the airport.

RNO serves more than 4 million passengers per year. The Master Plan projects 6.5 million by 2036. With traffic increasing, now is not the time to inhibit freeway access for RNO.

If NDOT can include the I580 southbound entrance ramp to RNO in its Preferred Alternative in the Environmental Impact Statement, RNO will quickly become a vocal champion of the entire plan.

Safety/Security Issues

  • Removal of the direct airport access ramps eliminates all but one access route for first responders in the event of an active shooter event, terrorist activity, aircraft incident, or other mass casualty crisis.
  • Freeway ramps offer the fastest response and transport routes between RNO and area hospitals.
  • NDOT plan creates a single-point failure intersection, where a traffic disruption (accidental or purposeful) would make the facility and its occupants vulnerable soft targets.
  • Removing the airport access ramps increases security risks by negatively impacting: Speed, Accessibility, Reliability, Safety and Security, Convenience, and Connectivity.

Nonstop Road Access Vital for Growing Airport

  • The international gateway to the region, RNO generates $3.1 billion in economic impact with 4,000 employees and 4.2 million passengers.
  • While the community is facing record growth and growing demand for air travel, the fastest way in and out of the region will be dramatically slowed down.
  • NDOT traffic study uses estimates 64% lower than airport projections.
  • Rather than a non-stop flyover ramp to catch a non-stop flight, rushing travelers will be slowed by stoplights, stop signs and turns.
  • Of the 90 busiest U.S. airports, only a handful don’t have flyover access; they are more than one mile from a freeway. RNO is ranked 63rd and borders I580. Removing the flyovers takes the airport back 30 years.
  • Emergency response and egress would be dangerously constrained to one point.
  • NDOT must include the airport’s alternative plan for RNO access in the final EIS.

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