Master Plan FAQs

Master Plan FAQs

Why is a Master Plan being initiated at this time?

The Master Plan is a 20 year plan for airport long term development. Since the last Master Plan, the Airport Authority has completed a number of targeted studies that focused specifically on changes in the industry. Currently, the Northern Nevada region as a whole is facing significant changing dynamics, and, at this time, considering the broader impact of these changes, it is appropriate to institute a new comprehensive Master Plan that addresses these regional dynamics and provides a new 20 year vision.

Who is the lead firm conducting the Master Plan?

Mead & Hunt is a national firm founded in 1900, with specializations in Airport Master Planning. Mead & Hunt has 32 offices nationwide. The consultant team includes national and local consultants. The Team consists of one prime consultant Mead & Hunt and nine sub-consultants that specialize in specific areas of the Aviation Industry. Engineering News Record ranked Mead & Hunt in their “top 25” for their work at Airports.

Are there local firms involved?

The bidders had to demonstrate prior experience developing other aviation master plans. Mead & Hunt were selected via a competitive bid process based on experience and capabilities. The Airport received 12 responses for the Master Plan project solicitation. All of the bids came from national prime consultants including several with local offices.  One of the local prime consultant teams was short-listed for interviews. Airport planning is a highly specialized industry.

The Mead & Hunt consultant team includes three local groups: KPS3 for community outreach, University of Nevada, Reno for economic and demographic research and MSA Engineering Consultants to provide an assessment on airport facilities.

What is the cost of the Master Plan for the Airport Authority?

The Master Plan is partially funded at 93.75% by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through Airport Improvement Program Grants. The remaining 6.25% comes from the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority.  The FAA’s eligible share is $1,416,851 with the RTAA share at $94,457. To be clear: no local taxes are utilized to pay the RTAA’s share. The RTAA’s share will be funded through Passenger Facility Charges.

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