Master Plan Public Information Meetings

Master Plan Public Information Meetings

Public Information Meeting No. 2 (03/16/17)

The second public information meeting was held on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at the Best Western Airport Plaza Hotel. During the three-hour open house, Airport Authority and project consultant staff discussed the master plan project with the members of the public in a casual environment. The primary focus of this meeting was to communicate the inventory of existing conditions and the aviation forecasts.

The inventory of existing conditions includes information on the background, location, operations, facilities, environmental conditions and finances of the Airport. The inventory fully documents RNO, as it exists today.

The aviation forecasts estimate enplanements (boardings), aircraft operations, and landed weights for both commercial passenger and air cargo, in addition to general aviation and military operations. Forecasts have been identified, using base-growth, low-growth, and high-growth scenarios for 2021, 2026, and 2036.

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