Customer Service:Kindness Takes Flight


Packing. Hurrying. Stress. Long lines. Crowds. Delays. Air travel can be tough.

In 2013, an idea was born at RNO. What’s one universal thing our employees can do to help passengers during air travel? After all, the Airport Authority doesn’t control the airlines, the weather, baggage or security.

But we can contribute other ways. We can contribute to thoughtfulness. Time. Laughter. Love. Kindness.

#KindnessTakesFlight is a project born of the idea that small acts of unexpected kindness can help our passengers soar, and they can pass along that feeling to others. We might hand out children’s books to families traveling around the holidays. We might buy you a cup of coffee. We might dress up like Star Wars characters and quiz you on Death Star trivia, then reward you with themed treats. Or in an amazing stroke of genius, we may give you the opportunity to tell us what you’re thankful for. We do it once each month in the terminal, but there are a million ways our employees spread kindness at RNO.

Now, though, we aren’t traveling in high numbers. We’re staying close to home. We’re taking care of ourselves and our families. It doesn’t mean the Airport Authority can’t help with that, too. Kindness can take flight from home, and here’s one way.

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