Passenger Info: Free Airport Internet

Free Airport Internet

Reno-Tahoe International Airport offers customers free WIFI service throughout the terminal building. This commitment to customer service helps you stay connected with work, home and friends while waiting in the airport. Please be sure you connect to the "Airport Courtesy WiFi" network as there are many other private networks in the airport.

By using the free WiFi system, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

Terms & Conditions
This service is offered to the public free-of-charge and without warranties of any kind. System users assume all liability associated with the use of the system. Users must comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws. Users have no expectation of privacy while connected to the wireless access system. Users assume and accept all risks and any associated damages to hardware, software or data that may be caused by system users. Use of this system is purely voluntary. Airport employees, principals or affiliates cannot be held responsible for any conditions that arise either directly or indirectly from system use.

If you experience difficulty using our WiFi, please report the problem at 1-888-338-6788.

Enjoy the Internet when you're at the airport - it's free!


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