Live Your Best Trip @RNO

Live Your Best Trip @RNO Contest

This spring we had a lot of time to sit and think, about our loved ones and family and friends we were missing. We thought back to that great trip where your sister did that really funny thing at the family reunion. We thought back to that time you and your best friend explored a new city and found that amazing restaurant.

We wanted to hear those stories. What was the best trip ever that started at our airport? You answered us. In spades. You [re]Lived Your Best Trip @RNO. 

We received some touching stories, some funny ones and some adventurous ones. Congratulations to Elaine, Carol and Marcia, our three big winners. Start dreaming about your next trip, ladies, because Southwest Airlines gift cards are coming your way!

Now we've flattened the heck out of the curve. We're making smart decisions about social distancing. We're wearing face coverings to protect the vulnerable.  We're creeping back out again to restaurants, shopping areas and yes, even traveling. It's time to start thinking about your next trip. What's your favorite destination? Your dream trip? How will you Live Your Best @RNO? 

You dropped us a few sentences about where you want to go and why, and we entered the submissions into a random generator to select winners of Southwest Airlines gift cards. Boy, do you dream big! Congratuations to Erin, Tony and Amy, our three winners for round two of the #RNOBestTrip contest. Thank you to all who took the time to submit!

Maybe it's this summer, or maybe you want to wait a little longer. Either way, it's time to dream about travel. It's time to live your best at RNO.

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