[re]Live Your Best Trip @RNO

[re]Live Your Best Trip @RNO Contest

Yes, we’re open and essential travel and cargo aircraft is still taking off and landing at RNO, but the vast majority of people are staying home, doing their part to keep COVID-19 at bay.

At home we’ve all had time to sit and think, about our loved ones, family and friends we’re missing. We’re thinking back to that great trip where your sister did that really funny thing at the family reunion. We’re thinking back to that time you and your best friend explored a new city and found that amazing restaurant.

We can’t plan for summer travel yet, but we can relive those experiences, confident that more are on the horizon. We want to hear those stories. What was the best trip ever that started at our airport?

Send us a few sentences and a photo about that trip. We may use them in the future, so only send things you’re ok with having public. Posing with Mickey near Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Your grandmother meeting her great grandchild for the very first time. Tell us and show us the best trip ever that started at RNO. [re]Live Your Best Trip with us.

Send to LiveYourBest@renoairport.com, to #RNOBestTrip or @RenoAirport. We'll do a little contest for it and give away some airport swag and airline gift cards. The promotion runs through May 21, 2020. Winners will be notified by May 31.

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