Test Site Advantages

The Reno-Stead Airport (RTS) provides a variety of unique testing conditions for UAS development including, but not limited to, uncontrolled airspace, abundant open space, basin and range topography, variable weather, educated workforce and existing infrastructure. 

These testing conditions have positioned RTS on the forefront of research and development, testing and manufacturing to compliment efforts by Desert Research Institute (DRI) and the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), as well as businesses like Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), Tactical Air Support, Helitrak, and Hawkeye UAV.











Specific Test Site Advantages:

  • Easy test site access

  • Uncongested airspace with a variety of weather, terrain and altitude options

  • Proven process with FAA for modifying COA's

  • Nevada COA alllows:
    - Up to 700' AGL at Reno-Stead Airport

    - Night flight testing
    - Local ability to certify aircraft for flight

  • 5000 acre general aviation facility

  • New terminal building

  • Two runways (7600' and 9000')

  • UAS specific areas

  • Infrastructure for ground and air testing

  • Visual and instrument approaches

  • Political and community support for UAS