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Badging is available by appointment only.

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General Information


The Badging Office is located on the second floor of Reno-Tahoe International Airport’s main terminal building. View terminal maps.

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The badging office does not accept walk-ins. Please book an appointment in advance.

Questions or Concerns? Call the Badging Office at (775) 328-6478 between 7:30am-3:30pm Monday – Thursday, and 7:30am-12:00pm on Friday, or email

Where to Park for Badging Appointments
Please park in the Reno-Tahoe International Airport parking garage or surface lot and bring your parking ticket in for validation.

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Badging Info, Forms, & Fees

Please use these resources to ensure you have the proper payment and forms ready before your scheduled appointment.

Badging Forms

NOTE: Please download to your computer in order to use the fillable PDF feature.

Acceptable Documents List

AOA ID Application
This form, signed by an Authorized Signer for your company or FBO, along with accompanying identification documents is required to initiate the airport badging process.

Authorized Signatory Form
Bring this form to establish those individuals that will be eligible to sign for badges for an authorized company.

Lost/Stolen Badge Form
Bring this form to the Badging Office to replace a lost or stolen badge.

Security Badge Application
This application, signed by an Authorized Signer for your company, along with accompanying identification documents, is required to initiate the airport badging process.

Security Badge Renewal
This form and identification documents must be presented when renewing an existing security access badge.

Badging Fees – New or Renewal


  • SIDA/Sterile Area Badge – $50.00
  • AOA ID Badge – $25.00
  • Fingerprints (SIDA/Sterile Area ID ONLY) – $75.00
  • Interactive Training (SIDA/Sterile Area ID ONLY) – $25.00


  • SIDA/Sterile Area ID Badge – $25.00
  • AOA ID Badge – $12.50
  • Interactive Training (NON-TENANT SIDA/Sterile Area Badge) – $25.00
  • Interactive Training (TENANT SIDA/Sterile Area Badge) – No Charge

Badging Fees – Lost or Unreturned

Lost Badge:
Payable before replacement badge is issued
– SIDA/Sterile Area Badge – $50.00
– AOA ID Badge – $25.00

Unreturned Badge:
SIDA/Sterile Area Badge AND AOA ID Badge – $150.00
If not returned to the Badging Office within 30 days of employee’s separation from service.

Badging Processes

Learn more about the steps and process to obtain a new security access badge or AOA ID, or how to renew your security access badge.

Security Awareness For Everyone

SAFE Program


To help promote security, RNO has a security education/enforcement program titled Security Awareness For Everyone Program (SAFE). SAFE combines security education in the form of the interactive training that everyone receives at the time of badging, positive reinforcement via a training program, ongoing reminders of responsibilities during inspections of tenant leasehold areas and during random SIDA badge checks on the ramp. Because failed security can have a serious impact on everyone’s welfare, there is also a corrective arm to SAFE.

This corrective element of SAFE seeks to hold every badge holder accountable for abiding by the airport’s security rules. Offenses are classified by the seriousness of the infraction and number of offenses. Correspondingly, penalties grow harsher as the offense’s seriousness increases. The enforcement matrix provides an overview of the offenses and corresponding penalties.

The Aviation Security Coordinator reserves the right to assign penalties to other infractions that may not be listed on the matrix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs a Badge or ID?

Any individual working in a restricted part of the airport needs some type of media issued by RNO. If you are in the commercial part of the airport, you will need a security access badge. General aviation tenants and employees who do not access the commercial section of the airport need an AOA ID.

How do I become an Authorized Signatory?

The Transportation Security Administration requires that individuals authorized to sign for security access badges or IDs for their employees or tenants be designated as “Authorized Signatories.” To become an Authorized Signatory an individual must:

  • Be employed by a company sponsored by an RTAA department or employee
  • Be so designated on their company’s Authorized Signatory Form
  • Undergo and pass a fingerprint based criminal history records check
  • Undergo and pass a DHS Security Threat Assessment
  • Successfully complete RNO Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) Training (if signing for SIDA badges)
  • On an annual basis, successfully complete interactive training course “Authorized Signatory Training”
  • Complete the Authorized Signatory Form and present it to the Badging Office to begin the process.

What do I do if my badge is broken and the Badging Office is closed?

If the Badging Office is closed and your badge is not working, have your supervisor contact Aircom at (775) 328-6600. Aircom will connect the Supervisor with an Airport Duty Manager who can assist.

What do I do if my badge is lost or stolen? Do I still have to pay a lost badge fee?

You must immediately call Airport Communications (Aircom) at 775-328-6600 to report that your badge is lost or stolen. Aircom is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Complete a Lost/Stolen Badge Form, have your Supervisor approve it, and report to the Badging Office during regular operating hours to be issued a replacement badge.

There is a $50.00 fee for a lost badge. Stolen badges will be replaced free of charge if a police report is submitted to the badging office with the Lost/Stolen Badge Form.

What do I do if I set off a door alarm?

If you have a phone on you, call Aircom at (775) 328-6600 and notify them that you caused the alarm. If you don’t have a phone, stand by the door until Airport Security or Police respond.

If I’m a supervisor, what do I do when an employee of mine is terminated or quits?

Notify the Badging Office (775) 348-6478 or Aircom (775) 328-6600 immediately when an employee is terminated or resigns. The employee’s badge must be returned to the Badging Office to avoid a non-returned badge fee.

What identification documents do I need to bring when I apply for a badge, and can I use a photocopy?

Applicants must bring original, unexpired documents per the Acceptable Documents list (see Badging Forms above for list). Please note that applicants born outside of the United States have special document requirements. The Badging Office may only accept original documents, no photocopies.

How long will my background check take?

The length of time needed for a background check varies for each person, but generally takes anywhere from 2 to 7 days.

I was born outside the United States. Will it take longer to complete my background check?

It is possible that the process may take a bit longer for those born outside of the country.  Please note that individuals born outside of the country have specific documentation requirements (listed on the badge application).

Can I work while I’m waiting for my background check to clear?

Individuals with pending badge applications may be escorted in the restricted areas of the airport but may not be left unattended.

How long will my badge be valid?

All badges and IDs are issued for one year.

I have an employee who does not speak or understand English very well. Is he/she allowed to have a translator with them during training?

RNO offers computer-based security training in Spanish. If any other language is required, an interpreter who holds an active RNO badge is permitted to provide translation.

I have an active badge with one company and I’m taking a second job with another company at the airport. Do I need to get another badge?

Yes. You must display a badge that shows the company you work for while you are on duty. For example, you may not display a United Air Lines badge while on duty for Southwest Airlines.

When can I renew my badge?

A badge may be renewed any time during the month it is expiring or the month previous to its expiration.

My badge has already expired. Can I still renew it?

As long as the badge has not been expired over 30 days it may be renewed. If the badge expired more than 30 days ago, a new application must be submitted and fingerprinting is required.

How can I have access added to my badge?

Your supervisor must make the request for additional or changed access directly to the Badging Office.

I left my badge at home. Can one of my coworkers escort me?

No. An active airport badge holder absolutely may not be escorted.

I recently changed my name. What do I need to do to change it on my badge?

You must present an official court document (such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree) to the Badging Office to update your badge.