Multi-Year Construction Program

About MoreRNO

Reno-Tahoe International Airport is transforming the way you travel. The multi-phase infrastructure program, MoreRNO, will bring more local restaurants and shops. More space to park your car. More room to hug your loved ones. More architecture inspired by the Reno-Tahoe region. More art to complement the thriving local art scene. More ways to move you.

As we move into a new era for our beloved airport, we will do our best to maintain the convenience you’ve come to know and the amenities you love even as we grow. Please be patient and understanding. ‘Cause we all want more of a good thing and good things take time.

Approx. $1 Billion in Infrastructure Investments

Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority is pursuing every potential funding source possible to pay for MoreRNO projects throughout the airport. To meet the growing demand for air travel in our region, a wide range of federal, state, and private funding as well as bonds are all under consideration.

RTAA receives no tax dollars and is self-sufficient. Every dollar made at RNO is invested back in to the airport, and help bring you more of what you love about RNO.

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  • $17M

    Loop Road Improvements

  • $32M

    Ticketing Hall Expansion

  • $175M-$225M

    Ground Transportation Center

  • $500M+

    New Concourses


MoreRNO Timeline


  1. 2022

    Ticketing Hall Expansion

    • Improve wayfinding, circulation and queuing
    • Build restrooms and provide more amenities
    • Allow for advanced travel technology
    • Provide more space and natural light
  2. 2023

    Loop Road Improvements

    • Make improvements associated with safety and security
    • Meets full ADA requirements
    • Preserve critical infrastructure by reconstructing six travel lanes
    Rendering of Airport Loop Road
  3. 2023

    ConRAC & Ground Transportation Center

    • Improve customer experience for rental cars, rideshares, taxis/cabs and public transportation
    • Provide 700+ additional public parking spaces in close proximity to the terminal
    • Public/Private partnership – 3rd party privately financed
    • Airport Authority retains concession and facility lease revenue
    Initial Rendering of GTC Building
  4. 2024

    New Concourses

    • Improve experience for passengers, airlines tenants, and airport employees
    • Increase revenue with more food and retail options
    • 28 new gates to accommodate larger aircraft and improve operations
    • Upgrade technology to help with airline scheduling and shared kiosks