Public Art Program


For decades, the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority (RTAA) and its airports Reno-Tahoe International (RNO) and Reno-Stead (RTS), have been strong supporters of our local art community. From Reno-Tahoe inspired sculptures to captivating performance art and historical displays, RTAA has been instrumental in introducing our rich art scene through aviation.

It takes bold vision to act on behalf of the airport’s long-term future and the RTAA Board of Trustees has pledged a minimum one percent of design and construction costs for capital improvement projects in public spaces for art at RNO and RTS. These projects will be completed in partnership with the RTAA’s inaugural Art Advisory Committee whose expertise in the recruitment, selection, acquisition, installation, maintenance and conservation of permanent artworks will support the strategic direction of the Arts at the Airport program through the RTAA Public Art Master Plan.

Arts at the Airport Reno-Tahoe will continue to showcase captivating public and local art that celebrates our unique community. RNO’s art programming, which features permanent works, temporary exhibitions, and performances, in addition to its growing focus on community outreach, strives to be a respected arts partner and regional resource.

Arts at the Airport Reno-Stead will continue to showcase the heart of aviation and historical themes while promoting more art at the general aviation airport.