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February 2021 – April 2021

Live Your Best Exhibit


Emerging from the loneliness of 2020, a social media campaign was born: the “[re]Live Your Best @RNO” contest. We asked passengers to share their memories of the best trip ever that started at RNO. We read stories and smiled at the touching photos that accompanied them. We were able to live vicariously through these memorable trips and experiences. As a second phase to the campaign, we asked for the trips everyone dreamed of taking once travel restrictions and quarantine were relaxed, entitled “Live Your Best @RNO”. The final contest of that year was in conjunction with celebrating a 30-year partnership with Southwest Airlines. Nicknamed the LUV airline, travelers were asked to share their favorite Southwest trip that began at RNO. We brought all these stories, accompanied with photos, to our gallery and delighted in sharing the memories and hopes of travelers.