Kindness Takes Flight Home Edition

Kindness Takes Flight Home Edition

Download and print our activity pages. Your kiddos (or you) can let your imaginations wander far from home as you daydream about flights yet to come. Of family and friends you’ll see in the future. And yes, even the hustle and bustle of air travel. Color these cute pictures, build your best paper airplane, scan or photograph them, and upload them back to us. We want to see your imaginations soar, because kindness can take flight from just about anywhere.


Paper Airplane Project

Click image to open/download the PDF of the paper plane. Enjoy!

Coloring/Activity Pages

Click image to open/download a PDF of the coloring page. Have fun!

Cargo Plane

Make Words Game

Prop Plane

Helicopter Transport

Maze Game


Jet Plane

Medical Transport

Same Plane Game


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