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Paws 4 Passengers

What is one more thing that can help make travel less ruff for our passengers? Well, dogs of course. In 2013 not only was the Kindness Takes Flight Team born, but our Paws 4 Passsengers (P4P) team as well. 

Reno-Tahoe International Airport was among only a few airports worldwide to introduce a therapy dog program. Beginning with only 5 dog/handler teams, the P4P teams volunteer to come to the airport a few times a month, focusing on busy travel times, and when there were cancelled or delayed flights. To say the program was a success is an understatement and soon P4P’s popularity grew among passengers, and employees.

Flash forward seven years, the Paws 4 Passengers team is now among more than 70 airport therapy dog programs worldwide. RNO currently has 30 P4P teams, each with its own trading card containing personal facts about the dog along with a recent pic. P4P has been featured in in magazines, news outlets and social media @paws4passengers.  When these dogs visit our terminal, they have at times left passengers speechless and even teary-eyed. Some passengers miss thier own pets at home and others reminisce of the time their four-legged best friend was still alive. But whatever the reason, it’s clear that Paws 4 Passengers does more than relieve anxiety when passengers come through RNO. They bring joy, smiles and a reminder that everything is going to be ok.

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