RNO Rules and Regulations

RNO Rules and Regulations

Safety is, and always will be, the primary consideration in the operation of RNO. The RNO Rules and Regulations are intended to ensure safe and efficient operations at RNO. This manual applies to RTAA staff, Airport tenants and their employees, persons conducting business at the Airport, and the general public utilizing the Airport’s facilities. All persons using the Airport are obligated to be familiar with all applicable laws.

Section 2.3 of the RNO Rules and Regulations: First Amendment Permit Rules and Regulations

Lawful picketing, leafleting, protesting or proselytizing may be conducted at the Airport only at the  locations  approved  by  the  President/CEO.    Applications  to  picket,  hand  out  leaflets,  protest or proselytize must be submitted in writing to the RTAA and approved through the issuance of a Permit by the Vice President of Operations and Public Safety, or, during non-business hours, the Airport Duty Manager.  Information and current applications may be requested by contacting the Vice  President  of  Operations  and  Public  Safety  at  775-328-6403  or  Airport  Operations  at  775-328-6490.

Section 2 – First Amendment Activity

A  written  application  must  include  the  name  of  the applicant(s)  or  group  representative  along with their contact information.  The application must include a brief description of the proposed activity.  The  application  must  state  the  date(s)  and  time(s)  requested  for  the  activity;  provided that a Permit will not be issued for a period of time in excess of sixty days from date of issuance.  The application must also identify which of the authorized locations is being requested.

A copy of any material proposed for distribution at the Airport solely for informational purposes and  not  for  exercising  any  judgment  on  its  contents  shall  be  attached  to  any  application  for leafletting; provided that the RTAA shall not grant a Permit for the distribution of any material that is indecent or sexually explicit, portrays graphic violence, is directed to inciting or producingimminent  lawless  action  and  is  likely  to  incite  or produce  such  action  or  violates  any  federal, state or local law or regulation.

A separate Permit is required for each picket, leaflet, protest or proselytizing event.

A Permit shall be issued promptly following receipt and review of the application by the RTAA or the applicant shall be furnished a written statement setting forth why the Permit was denied.

At  no  time  will  picketing,  leafleting,  protesting  or  proselytizing  be  allowed  within  the  terminal building.    Permitted  activity  may  not  interfere  with  passengers,  vehicles,  aircraft  or  other business  operations  on  Airport  property.    Permitted  activity  may  not  cause  safety  or  security problems. Permitted activity which violates these rules will result in the revocation of the permit.

RTAA logos, insignia, badges or other media shall not be displayed.

The Vice President of Operations and Public Safety or designee and the Chief of Airport Police are  authorized  to  coordinate  monitoring  and  enforcement  of  the  provisions  of  this  section  on behalf of the President/CEO.

Issuance  of  a  Permit  does  not  constitute  or  imply  the  endorsement  of  the  RTAA,  its  Board  of Trustees or staff.

Any  applicant  who is denied a Permit after submission to the Vice President of Operations  and Public Safety or whose Permit has been revoked may appeal in writing to the President/CEO by means of a letter stating the grounds therefore.  The President/CEO, in writing, shall grant, deny, reinstate, or refuse to reinstate such Permit and such decision shall constitute the final decision of the RTAA.

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