RNO Master Plan: Project 4

Project 4:  Terminal Development – Concourse C Replacement

Project Description

The Concourse C Replacement project is expected to include the following major construction components:

  • Construction of a new Concourse C, located north of the existing Concourse C;
  • Integration of new Concourse C with the existing Connector Concourse;
  • Demolition of existing Concourse C and subsequent construction of new Aircraft Apron; and
  • Demolition of existing U.S. Customs and Border Protection Facility and subsequent construction of new Aircraft Apron.

The new Concourse C development is expected to include:

  • A three-story, 150-foot wide concourse;
  • Ten aircraft gates for aircraft design ground IV aircraft with two gates acting as swing gates capable of handling both international and domestic service;
  • New passenger loading jet bridges;
  • Expansion of passenger spaces such as holdrooms, restrooms, and circulation;
  • Expansion of tenant spaces such as concessions, storage, and offices; and
  • A new U.S. Customs and Border Protection Facility with a sterile corridor to the two swing gates.

Integration of the new Concourse C with the existing Connector Concourse is expected to include:

  • Installation of a moving walkway;
  • Expansion of airport administrative and operations spaces; and
  • Construction of a new arrival passenger access into the north end of baggage claim.

This project will improve operational efficiency, address the forecast demand, be flexible to address changing fleet mixes, and provide adequate passenger and airline spaces.

Current Phase

A Request for Qualifications will be advertised in April/May 2019 for professional services to develop a Detailed Planning Study. The results of the solicitation and the recommended selection will be brought before the RTAA Board of Trustees for discussion and possible approval 2 months after advertisement.

Funding for design and construction is not yet available. Pending funding, design is projected to follow a 16-month schedule and construction, a 24-month schedule.

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Primary Contact: Lissa Butterfield, Manager of Planning & Environmental Services

Delivery Method: TBD

Project Completion Date (Anticipated): 2024

Total Project Cost (Estimate): TBD

Funding Sources: Detailed Planning Study – Passenger Facility Charge Funding (100%)
Design, Construction, Project Management/Construction Management – Funding for these three items will include a mixture of funding sources to be identified during the Detailed Planning Study. These sources could include FAA Airport Improvement Program Grant funding, Passenger Facility Charge Funding, and airport revenues among others.

CONTRACTS Planning Design Construction Project Management / Construction Management
Completion December 2019 TBD TBD TBD
Cost (estimate) TBD TBD TBD TBD


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