RNO Master Plan: Project 4

Project 4:  Terminal Development – Concourse Redevelopment

Project Description

The development of replacement concourses was identified in the 2018 RNO Airport Master Plan Update as a critical project to improve functional performance, operational efficiency, address the forecasted passenger demand, address changing fleet mixes, and provide adequate passenger and airline spaces. Issues identified include:

  • Narrowness of the existing passenger circulation hallways on the concourses,
  • Long walking distances from the consolidated checkpoint to the airline gates,
  • Small passenger holdrooms and constrained aircraft gate envelopes,
  • Lack of available leasable space, especially back-of-the-house space, for tenants,
  • Lack of available back-of-the-house space for airport functions,
  • Confusing wayfinding due to existing signage and limited line-of-sight between hallways and holdrooms,
  • Remaining useful life of a number of building systems, and
  • A Customs & Border Protection facility located outside of the terminal facility.

The 2018 RNO Airport Master Plan Update recommended a three-phase concourse redevelopment program, starting with a replacement Concourse C, followed by a replacement Concourse B, and concluding with the development of a new Concourse D.

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In late 2020, the RTAA initiated a Detailed Planning Study to consider, in further detail, the feasibility of renovating/expanding one or both of the existing concourses in lieu of total replacement.

Current Phase

Detailed Planning Study: In December 2020, the RTAA Board of Trustees awarded a professional services agreement to Mead & Hunt, Inc. to conduct a Detailed Planning Study which would identify a preferred alternative for future design. The Study project team includes Gensler, Landrum & Brown, Atkins North America, ICF, Thornton Tomasetti, Cumming, Studdiford Technical Solutions, Aero Systems Engineering, Wood Rodgers, and Holder Construction.

On January 31, 2022, the RTAA Board of Trustees reviewed the preliminary alternates and advanced three (3) concourse development alternates for further analysis in the study. Since then, the planning team has refined and further developed the preliminary alternates and solicited input from airport users and stakeholders.

The current short-listed alternates are:

Alternate 1 (Minimum Build)

Alternate 2 (Expansion, with new building up and over the existing building)

Alternate 3 (New, two-pier build with equal walking distances and dual taxi-lane between concourses)


In addition, Alternate 3 has three (3) derivatives which incorporate more aircraft gates.

Three (3) alternates for a new, larger Federal Inspection Services (FIS) facility were also identified and will continue forward for additional analysis.

Updates on the Detailed Planning Study are provided at regularly scheduled RTAA Planning & Construction Committee meetings.

Funding for design and construction is not yet available. Pending funding, design for the first phase of concourse redevelopment is projected to follow a 16-month schedule and construction, a 24-month schedule.

Primary Contact: Lissa Butterfield, Manager of Planning & Environmental Services

Delivery Method: Construction Manager at Risk

Project Completion Date (Anticipated): 2028

Total Project Cost (Estimate): TBD

Funding Sources:

  • Detailed Planning Study: Passenger Facility Charge Funding (100%)
  • Design & Construction: Funding will include a mixture of funding sources to be identified during the Detailed Planning Study. These sources could include FAA Airport Improvement Program grant funding, Passenger Facility Charge funding, and airport revenues, among others. Additionally, the RTAA is looking at funding that may be available under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for airport terminal projects.
CONTRACTS Planning Design Construction Project Management / Construction Management
Vendor Mead & Hunt TBD TBD TBD
Award December 2020 TBD TBD TBD
Completion August 2022 TBD TBD TBD
Cost (estimate) $2,029,611 TBD TBD TBD


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