Supporting the Community

Volunteer Committees

Community partnerships are essential to the airport achieving its mission to provide exceptional air service, customer service and financial management. Our community partners help serve as champions of new air service as well as ambassadors to the public by educating and informing the region of the activities and developments at both Reno-Tahoe International Airport and Reno-Stead Airport. The following groups help the airport achieve these goals:

Airport Noise Advisory Panel (ANAP)

The ANAP receives and assesses information on airport noise issues, provides recommendations to staff and the Board of Trustees on these issues and promotes greater communication within the community regarding airport noise.  Find out more information on ANAP.

Trustee Richard Jay, Chair
Trustee Nat Carasali, Vice-Chair
Richard Brong
Robert Chisel
Patrick Fisher
Chad Giesinger
Nathan Gilbert
Vince Griffith
Thomas Hill
Todd Hudson
Brandi Kjose
Lee Oscar
Rob Pierce
Jim Rundle
Chris Tolley
Laurance Wilson

There are several open positions on the Airport Noise Advisory Panel. If you are interested in participating on the Panel, please contact for more information.

Community Outreach Committee (COC)

The COC serves as a conduit of information between the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority and the citizens of the region. The COC members are constantly educated on airport developments and activities and then help promote two-way communication with the public.

Trustee Richard Jay, Chair
Trustee Jenifer Rose, Vice-Chair
Jennifer Baker
Chris Barrett
Charlene Bybee*
Kristine Caliger
Gus Freitag
Steve Jackson
Art Jimenez*
Michael Knox
Tim Lukas
Bob Lucey*
Darrin Maddox
Debbie McCarthy
Rick Murdock
Lisa Ruggerio
Taylor Russo
Hillary Schieve*
Jason Smith
Sharon Spangler
Mimi Fujii-Strickler
Eric Stovall

* Non-Voting Liaison

Regional Air Service Corporation

Originally formed in 2001 as the Regional Marketing Committee, the Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC) brings together public and private organizations and businesses to contribute marketing dollars and expertise to position and brand the Reno-Tahoe area as one region. Primary functions of the RASC include: supporting RTIA efforts to develop new nonstop air service from priority markets with marketing and promotional funding assistance; identifying and developing ongoing partnerships with specific airlines for increasing and maintaining air service; and promoting awareness of Reno-Tahoe air service through ongoing marketing efforts.

For more information on RASC and its members, please go to:

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