Concessions Program Timeline


  1. April 16 & 17

    Gaming Industry Days

    Join us for this upcoming event as we host Gaming Industry Days to discuss the upcoming RFI. RNO is one of two airports with gaming and slot machines.

  2. June 10-12

    Connect With Us

    Let’s get together at the ACI-NA Business of Airports Conference. Connect with our airport concessions team in Miami, FL.

  3. August 3-7

    Connect With US

    We hope to see you at the AMAC Airport Business Diversity Conference in Nashville, TN. Our concessions team will be ready to meet you.

  4. Q3 2024

    Virtual Overview

    Doing business at RNO: Virtual meeting with a focus on small businesses and an overview of the ACDBE program.

  5. Q4 2024

    Meet & Greet

    Meet the Primes: In-Person Meet & Greet Event. More details coming soon!

  6. Coming in 2025

    Request for Proposals

    Request for Proposal (RFP) release – a formal search for proposals to fill available concessions spaces in the airport terminal and new concourses.