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NEWSLETTER – 2024 Resolution: Travel More

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Winter blues getting you down? Time to trade them for sunny hues and book those travel cues. Summer routes are returning! Prepare to shake off the winter chill and dive into summer vibes with these returning nonstop flights:

Flight availability is subject to change by each airline. Use RNO’s real-time flight mapping tool for most up-to-date flight availability.

#1 for On-Time Departures in November

Guess who’s leading the on-time departure game? None other than your favorite airport. We were ranked #1 for on-time departures by Simple Flying with a stellar 90.55% on-time departure rating in November. Check out the article here.

Airfield Ready for Takeoff

Snow worries here! While winter was a bit late in bringing us snow, our airfield is ready to tackle it head-on. Our impressive snow operations fleet is geared up to ensure smooth operations, making sure your travel plans don’t get cold feet.

Did you know?

  • RNO snow removal crews work 24/7 to keep our runways clear and safe.
  • RNO has 30 pieces of snow removal equipment, including snow brooms that reach up to 22 feet.

Exciting Changes in the Culinary Skyline

Serving up more than just flights!

Get your taste buds ready for a treat. We’ve got exciting culinary changes, including: 

  • Upgraded snacking experiences with our newly added vending machine options! We’re thrilled to introduce Daisy Cakes Vending, serving up delightful sweet treats; Just Baked Smart Bistro, for a hot and tasty bite; and Licorice and Pretzels Vending, offering the perfect savory and sweet combo. These additions are sure to satisfy your cravings on the go.
  • Two new Peet’s Coffee shops now open Concourses B & C, transformed with menu updates and expanded offerings. 

Curious about what else is cooking in the culinary skies at RNO? We’re not stopping here! Stay tuned for new concessions headed your way this year. Visit our dining page for current options.

Passenger Statistics

Reflecting on the Year that Flew By

Let us tell you that this is a tale of a year well-traveled. In 2023, we served approximately 4.6 million passengers, on 12 airlines, flying to 20+ nonstop destinations and around the world in one-stop. Our top five nonstops in 2023 were…

#5 DFW – Dallas

#4 LAX – Los Angeles

#3 PHX – Phoenix

#2 DEN – Denver

#1 LAS – Las Vegas

Now Approaching

New Year, New Career at RNO: Thinking of a career change? Explore the skies of possibilities with new job openings at RNO. Let your professional journey take flight! 

Upcoming Routes Now Boarding: Book these nonstop flights from RNO before they take-off! But don’t worry, they’ll be back this summer. 

  • RNO to New York on JetBlue: returns for spring Feb. 15 – Mar. 31
  • RNO to Chicago on United: Feb. 17 – Mar. 3 (Saturday & Sunday only) 
  • RNO to Houston on United: Mar. 9 – 30 (Saturday & Sunday only) 

Flight availability is subject to change by each airline. Use RNO’s real-time flight mapping tool for most up-to-date flight availability.