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NEWSLETTER – RNO’s Spring Fling: Airport News & Blossoming Travel Updates

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RNO Elevates Northern Nevada’s Economy with $3.6 Billion Impact

Curious about the economic ripple effect of RNO? Here’s some insights and numbers that go beyond the runway as we showcase our latest Airport Economic Impact Study.

Flight availability is subject to change by each airline. Use RNO’s real-time flight mapping tool for most up-to-date flight availability.

Dining Update

New elevated culinary experience starting its descent to RNO

Prepare your taste buds for a treat. Local Chef, Mark Estee, is bringing Liberty Toast to the C concourse in partnership with SSP. Liberty Toast is a new quick-serve, fast-paced restaurant concept with a focus on morning offerings and fresh grab and go options.

Meet the Chef

Mark Estee, an award-winning chef and restaurateur, is on a mission to revolutionize dining culture and his next stop is RNO.

With 20 years of experience, he leads a superstar team, aiming to build a restaurant empire by expanding into new regions, embracing technology, and exploring diverse concepts. His early successes include Campo and Moody’s Bistro, contributing significantly to Reno’s dining scene. Today, he owns Liberty Food & Wine Exchange, Overland Restaurant & Pub, Cucina Lupo, and three brewpubs after acquiring Great Basin Brewing Company. 

Featured on Food Network and Cooking Channel, Estee’s commitment to community and passion for uniting farmers and suppliers with restaurants underscore his ongoing success and is the perfect complement to the airport’s vision for a new local dining experience for travelers.

Learn more about Chef Mark Estee

Curious about what else is cooking in the culinary skies at RNO? We’re not stopping here! Stay tuned for new concessions headed your way this year. Visit our dining page for current options.

Jet-Set in Style with 2024 Airport Fashion Trends

Spring Break Travel

Punxitony Phil predicted an early spring, now it’s time to make your spring break travel plans. 

New Pacific Airlines is offering low fare flights, starting at $49, to get you to Ontario nonstop and Nashville in one stop.

  • It’s no surprise that the Music City has many live music events lined up this spring and summer but the popular destination is also boasting with unique events like the Tulip Festival, Nashville Food and Wine Festival, Nashville Comedy Festival and more.

Starting February 17, you can fly nonstop from Reno to Chicago on United Airlines on Saturday and Sunday only. This flight is available daily starting March 7!

  • While we know the Second City is known for their comedy and outdoor activities, their spring events are very diverse with dance and music festivals, art fairs and more.

Beginning March 9, you can fly nonstop from Reno to Houston on United Airlines, then it’ll be back on May 25 (Saturday and Sunday only)

  • Nicknamed the Space City, it’s home to the Houston Space Center and there is more to do than nerd out on the stars. You can witness the Buffalo Bayou Regatta, the Houston International Film Festival, the Colori® Street Painting Festival, and much more.

From Feb. 15 – March 31 you can fly from Reno to New York nonstop on JetBlue. If you can’t make it this spring, don’t worry, the flight will be back June 13.

  • The Big Apple might be calling your name this spring and there’s more to do than you might think. While it’s known for Broadway shows and cultural events, you might want to see an infamous baseball game, stroll through a street festival or stop and smell the roses in many of the area’s botanical gardens.

Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Fire Department Training

Soaring to Excellence with Dynamic Skills Symposium

The airport’s first responders participated in a city-wide symposium, honing their skills through a first-of-its-kind dynamic skills symposium with regional partners. They are dedicated to excellence and keeping up on training to maintain a safe and efficient airport.

Now Approaching

Upcoming Routes Now Boarding: We’ve got these nonstop flights soaring back into our schedules this summer. Check out the upcoming routes and mark your calendars for these travel dates: 

  • Reno to Minneapolis on Sun Country: May 23
  • Reno to Austin on American Airlines: May 6  
  • Reno to Chicago (Midway) on Southwest: June 4
  • Reno to Chicago on American: June 5
  • Reno to Atlanta on Delta: June 7
  • Reno to Minneapolis on Delta: June 8
  • Reno to New York on JetBlue: June 13

Flight availability is subject to change by each airline. Use RNO’s real-time flight mapping tool for most up-to-date flight availability.