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NEWSLETTER – Travel Deals Here for the Holidays

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Preparing for Flash Travel Sales

Giving the gift of travel this holiday season.

As the holiday shopping season approaches, airlines are gearing up to provide limited-time travel deals. The trend of gifting travel is on the rise, and we anticipate flash deals from many of RNO’s 12 airlines, not only on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Travel Tuesday, but throughout the entire holiday season. To ensure you don’t miss out on these deals, sign up for your favorite airline’s email communications, as recommended by The Points Guy blog. Looking for a quick but widely loved holiday gift? Many airline and travel companies provide both digital gift cards and plastic gift cards for purchase. For timely gift exchanges, we suggest ordering plastic gift cards by Dec. 1.

RNO airlines offering gift cards for online purchase: American Airlines | Alaska Airlines | Delta Air Lines | Southwest Airlines

Bonus Winter Deals

– Save on Southwest Airlines Gift Cards: Costco and Sam’s Club are currently offering a $500 gift card for $449.99 (we confirmed this deal at Reno and Sparks locations).

– BOGO Deal at Palisades Tahoe: Buy one, get one, day lift ticket when you fly with American Airlines. Simply present your boarding pass (electronic or physical) and photo ID at any Palisades Tahoe ticket window.

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RNO the Easy Way

Top Three Tips for a Seamless Holiday Travel Experience

As we gear up for the upcoming holiday season, we anticipate a surge in passenger numbers, reaching similar figures of last year—our highest since 2008. To ensure your travel experience remains stress-free, here are our top three tips to keep in mind:

1. Arrive EarlyPlan to arrive at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure to allow for potential holiday crowds.2. Overflow parkingKeep an eye on our real-time parking availability feature. If lots are marked in yellow or red, consider arriving earlier than usual.3. Wheelchair AssistanceSchedule wheelchair assistance in advance through your airline to streamline your journey through the airport.

Bonus Parking Tip: For parties with multiple travelers, drop everyone and luggage at the outer curb before the driver navigates to general or overflow parking. This time-saving strategy ensures a smoother experience for your entire group.


Paws 4 Passengers Airport Therapy Dog Program Celebrates Ten Years at RNO.

For a decade, Paws 4 Passengers (P4P) has offered therapy dog services to passengers. The dedicated teams, comprised of handlers and their canine companions, bring smiles and comfort to passengers, making flying a little less “ruff”. These lovable dogs, proudly wearing “PET ME” vests, are highly trained and certified by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

We encourage you interact with our teams and wish them a happy 10-year anniversary!

Can You Carry-On a Wrapped Present?

TSA Holiday Guidelines

Traveling with holiday essentials like food, beverages, and gifts is simpler than you might think. Here are some key points to remember during the festive season:

✅ You can carry-on gifts, but hold off on wrapping them. TSA agents may need to unwrap presents for additional screening, so save the wrapping for later or check them in your luggage.

✅ Turkey (cooked, uncooked or frozen) and other meats can be carried through a TSA checkpoint. Just make sure you are storing the food properly to prevent foodborne illness.

✅ Feel free to carry-on cakes and pies, but skip the canned goods (like pie filling) as they may fall under the 3-1-1 liquids rule.

Remember that TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule applies to beverage items and creamy/spreadable foods. If you’re insure, we advise you to check a bag instead of carrying it on the plane. Check these additional TSA guidelines on holiday dishes.

Now Approaching

– Wait and Win Free Waiting Lot Giveaway is happening now. Through Dec. 31, you can win flights by using the Free Waiting Lot (formerly known as the Cell Phone Waiting Lot). Avoid waiting for your loved ones along the front curb – those zones are for active loading and unloading. Enter to win in the lot!

– Seasonal route update on JetBlue Airlines: Fly nonstop from RNO to JFK from Dec. 15, 2023, through Jan. 3, 2024, just in time to celebrate the new year.

– In collaboration with the Nevada Arts Council (NAC), our depARTures gallery presents a new exhibit titled “Home Means Nevada.” This traveling art exhibition beautifully captures the state’s remarkable geography, distinctive natural features, and poignant history. The “Home Means Nevada” exhibit will be on display through Jan. 2024.